ALMS puts in voice on environment review

Below is the letter ALMS submitted

Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders

To: The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

The Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders (ALMS) represents resident associations, farmers and ranchers in communities bordering Lake Manitoba affected by the flood of 2011.

We believe that The Manitoba Clean Environment Commission should complete an independent review as mandated. Numerous public consultations have been sponsored by both the former and present government of Manitoba. Evidence of the effectiveness of the process and that the voice of communities was heard by government are the modifications of the proposed channel and access that were made. Given that these consultant reports are available the assessment should be expedited.

We cannot stress enough the importance of the Lake Manitoba Outlet Channel to the sustainability of our communities. This vital project must be completed to mitigate against future floods. The flood of 2011, again in 2014 and the near flood of 2017 indicates vulnerability. The enhancement of the Portage Diversion increases the capacity for inflow into the lake by approximately 6000 cubic feet per second above the 2011 rate. Lake Winnipegosis has seen historically high levels resulting in higher inflows into Lake Manitoba taxing the only existing egress at the Fairford Water Control System. Our concerns are well-founded.

We urge you to support the work done by two Provincial governments and encourage an expedited review by the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission in order that this vital project be completed by the fourth quarter of 2021, as announced.


Jack King

President, Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders

St. Laurent, Manitoba

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