Lake Manitoba update: August 7, 2017

The update was delayed as I was unable to access the Environment Canada site yesterday; it is still very slow to respond today.

The theme for this week is down. Rivers and lakes are all down in the summer heat. Lake Manitoba dropped nearly 2/10ths of a foot to 813.08 feet. With the lower lake level, outflow on the Fairford River is down to 11,336 cfs. Lake Winnipegosis is down to 833.92 feet, and as a result flow on the Waterhen River is down to 9,994 cfs. Lake St. Martin fell this week to 803.05, still above flood level. Flow on the Assiniboine is now a trickle, being 749 cfs at Holland and 777 cfs at Headingly.

River update
Time: 9:00 AM August 7, 2017
Portage Diversion: closed
Assiniboine at Holland: 749 cfs
Assiniboine at Headingly: 777 cfs
Waterhen: 9,994 cfs
Whitemud: 49 cfs
Fairford: 11,336 cfs
Lake update
Time: 9:00 AM August 7, 2017
Steep Rock: 813.14 ft
Westbourne: 813.03 ft
Mean level Lake Manitoba: 813.08 ft
Lake Manitoba desired operating range: 810.5 to 812.5 ft
Lake St. Martin: 803.05 ft
Lake St. Martin desired operating range: 797.0 to 800.0 ft
Lake Winnipegosis: 833.92 ft
Shellmouth Reservoir: 1400.92 ft


2 thoughts on “Lake Manitoba update: August 7, 2017

  1. Really no ecoli count just the lake up and down in feet who understands this, just want to know if you can swim in the lake, can’t that be added to your report.


    • There is in fact very little data on water quality for Lake Manitoba beaches. There is no data collection in 2017 for either Delta or St. Ambroise and only irregular data collection for Twin Beaches. No data was gathered in July for example, so it is really not a useful guide to current E. coli levels that can vary over a short time scale.

      The data that is available is published on the provincial Water Stewardship website:



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