Reminder: Open House on Outlet Channel – Winnipeg July 13th @ 1pm and @ 5pm


3 thoughts on “Reminder: Open House on Outlet Channel – Winnipeg July 13th @ 1pm and @ 5pm

  1. I was at the Winnipeg Open House on Thursday. Apparently there was a decent turn-out during the afternoon session. While I was there in the evening I would guess there were 20 or so people. In 10 days or so Manitoba Infrastructure will put out the story boards used to promote discussion and we will post them on our website. There was a sameness to some of the boards from the last go-round in Ashern. Some random positive points were that the capacity of the new channel out of Watchorn is 7500cfs adequate for high water on the lake; there was a good review of what constitutes the environmental review process; and the timeline ending with a completion date of 2021 gives us benchmarks to chart its progress. On the negative side there was an acknowledgement from a highways’ rep that the access road which had been slated for summer construction will be put off to the winter. The rep would not speculate on what impact that delay might have on the overall timeline. There was an acknowledgement that the talks around Section 35 which deals with treaty rights is a slow process. Our hope is that if these talks break down that other routes and options will be back on the table. I said as much to reps there that we still believe that the Cedar Lake option has merit especially since it pumps water from Winnipegosis, which right now is the main reason for continued high lake levels.


  2. Scott, if you, or anyone that attended the meeting could provide a small summary of the details of the open house… it would be greatly appreciated!!

    thank you


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