Lake Manitoba update: July 9, 2017

This has been an uneventful week. The level of Lake Manitoba is fell slightly from last week to 813.47 feet, down 0.03 feet on the week. Lake St. Martin also fell slightly to 803.25 feet, remaining above flood level. Flow on the Fairford River remains high at 12,148 cfs. Lake Winnipegosis fell to 834.25 feet which resulted in lower Waterhen River flows (10,948 cfs). Flow on the Whitemud River is now just a trickle at 184 cfs. Flow on the Assiniboine fell to 1,819 cfs at Holland and 1,995 cfs at Headingly. The level of the Shellmouth Reservoir fell slightly to 1402.97 feet this week.

River update
Time: 9:00 AM July 9, 2017
Portage Diversion: closed
Assiniboine at Holland: 1,819 cfs
Assiniboine at Headingly: 1,995 cfs
Waterhen: 10,948 cfs
Whitemud: 184 cfs
Fairford: 12,148 cfs
Lake update
Time: 9:00 AM July 9, 2017
Steep Rock: 813.35 ft
Westbourne: 813.58 ft
Mean level Lake Manitoba: 813.47 ft
Lake Manitoba desired operating range: 810.5 to 812.5 ft
Lake St. Martin: 803.25 ft
Lake St. Martin desired operating range: 797.0 to 800.0 ft
Lake Winnipegosis: 834.25 ft
Shellmouth Reservoir: 1402.97 ft


4 thoughts on “Lake Manitoba update: July 9, 2017

  1. we are at Steep Rock, we have had many what I call an Algae Bloom in the lake this year, it looks like little green dots in the water during the sunny days, is this healthy Normal? or a natural occurrence? seems like we have had many this year more than i can remember in the past years.


    • Some algae growth is natural during warm weather, especially when the winds are calm and the water is clearer allowing light to reach deeper into the water column. We haven’t (yet) seen algae blooms on Lake Manitoba on the same scale as occurs most summers on Lake Winnipeg.



    • MI does not report an operating range for Lake Winnipegosis. There are no water control structures on the lake, meaning its level is unregulated. It is what it is. What it is, is very high, and it has been so since 2006.

      Scott Forbes


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