Lake Manitoba update: March 6, 2015

Lake Manitoba is almost unchanged from last week, and is currently sitting at 811.64 feet. The level of Lake St. Martin dropped to 800.69 feet. Outflow at Fairford rose slightly to 4,554 cfs. The gauge of the Waterhen is back online and registering at 1,920 cfs. The Whitemud flow remains low at 51 cfs. The Assiniboine at Holland currently reads 1,147 cfs while the gauge at Headingly is registering 1,130 cfs. Spring appears set to arrive early this year, so we should expect river flows to begin rising in the not too distant future.

River update
Time: 8:30 AM March 6, 2016
Portage Diversion: closed
Assiniboine at Holland: 1,147 cfs
Assiniboine at Headingly: 1,130 cfs
Waterhen: 1,920 cfs
Whitemud: 51 cfs
Fairford: 4,554 cfs
Lake update
Time: 8:30 AM March 6, 2016
Steep Rock: 811.62 ft
Westbourne: 811.66 ft
Mean level: 811.64 ft
Lake St. Martin: 800.69 ft

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