New Year’s update for Lake Manitoba

I’ve been away since early December hence the delayed update. I’ll continue to post updates each Sunday starting on the 10th. Not much is changing these days. Lake Manitoba is down slightly since the last update, currently sitting at 811.79 feet. This means that the data from the Waterhen are still ice affected and reading too high. The gauge reading is currently 6,531 cfs, higher than the gauge reading for Fairford, which is 5,277 cfs. If that were true, Lake Manitoba would be rising, not falling (slowly). The Whitemud flow is basically zero (113 cfs). Flow on the Assiniboine is also uncertain as the gauges are ice-affected, reading over 5,000 cfs at Holland and 3,000 cfs at Headingly. Lake St. Martin now sits at 801.26 feet, up very slightly (0.03 feet) since the last update.


River update
Time: 10:00 AM January 1, 2016
Portage Diversion: closed
Assiniboine at Holland: ice affected
Assiniboine at Headingly: ice affected
Waterhen: ice affected
Whitemud: 113 cfs
Fairford: 5,277 cfs
Lake update
Time: 10:00 AM January 1, 2016
Steep Rock: 811.81 ft
Westbourne: 811.76 ft
Mean level: 811.79 ft
Lake St. Martin: 801.26 ft

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