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Lake Manitoba Flood Danger : Will we repeat the past this year?

Lake Manitoba article: Are we headed for another Flood?

Delta Beach Association Website

Here’s an excellent article by Scott Forbes in regards to the growing risk of another Province induced flood for this year on Lake Manitoba. In this excellent article Scott points out the major reason for this years dangerous reading of the lake levels flooding the Lake, unlike 2011, was unneeded.

Manitobans can ill afford another $1 Billion dollar fiasco, let alone another sales tax increase.

Check out the article in The Winnipeg Free Press by clicking here

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Agenda for Upcoming Annual General Meeting

Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders

May 26th, 2014 7:30 P.M.

1. Call to Order 7:30 p.m.

2. Introductions of members & area they represent (roll call)

3. Adoption of the Agenda

4. Presentation by Brian Meronick and Andrew Marshall re: class action (confirmation pending)

a. 20 minutes for presentation, 20 minutes question period

5. Reading/Adoption of ALMS Minutes , (Lia)

6. Business arising from the Minutes

7. Updates from Executive members

a. Scott Greenlay and Scott Forbes update RE: Study Liaison Committee

8. Treasurer’s report – Jane Hook

a. Financial report
b. Review list of associations that have contributed to ALMS and ones that have not. Discussion on distribution/reimbursement of funds

9. New Business:

10. ALMS – discussion on future of the organization.

11. Elections for new Executive (if needed).

12. Correspondence

• All correspondence (emails etc) are posted on ALMS website.

13. Next meeting date

Lake Manitoba – High Water Level Outlook

Latest Lake Manitoba Flood Outlook has been provided by Dr. Scott Forbes.

Delta Beach Association Website

Dr. Scott Forbes has been kind enough to agree to provide another analysis of the Lake situation. As you may be aware, Dr. Forbes is a noted authority on the Lake, and has been providing input into ALMS and the Lake’s various review commissions. Attached is his latest commentary:


The lake has risen over the last week from 812.43 feet on 6 May to something around 812.6 feet today – the lake levels are now wind affected, and it will be difficult to get a good measure of lake levels until the ice is gone. The daily provincial update gave an estimated lake level of 812.6 feet on 12 May.

How high is the lake, really?

There are a variety of curious gauge readings from around the lake – the Westbourne lake levels are still ice affected and difficult to assess. The current outflows…

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