DRAFT Minutes from November 21st 2012 AGM

Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders





November 21st 2012 – 7 P.M.




Beach Association

Jane Hook Johnson Beach
Jack King Twin Beach
Tricia Hoare Sandpiper
Cheryl Smith Sandpiper Association
Fred Hartmann Pioneer Resort/St. Laurent
Destiny Watt Pioneer Resort/St. Laurent
Larry Baker MACO
Lorne Britton MACO
Roger Gillis Big Point/Cottage Owners Association
Gary Zavosk Big Point
Dennis Turek Twin Beach
Lia Baksina Pioneer Resort/St. Laurent
Scott Greenlay Delta Beach Association
Don Clarkson Delta Beach Association


1. Call to Order 7:00 p.m.

Call to order at 7:09 pm by Cheryl


2. Introductions of members & area they represent


3. Adoption of the Agenda    Don and Destiny  MOVED


4. Reading/Adoption of ALMS Minutes, August 1st, 2012

Roger / Tricia  CARRIED


5. Business arising from the Minutes

a. Regarding the various beach associations pay a stipend to ALMS to cover incidental expenses including the liability insurance.

Big Point has contributed $130.00 and Roger Gillis has been reimbursed this money from Big Point – this will be reflected in ALMS accounts.

Not all beach associations were represented during   this evening’s meeting.  Contributions have been received from:

Johnson Beach (26 lots) and received $2.00 from each

Pioneer Resort Beach – $50.00

Lundar/Sugar Point has contributed $100.00

Sandpiper Association $131.00

Twin Lake Beaches Association – no contribution


Those present also indicated that it has been difficult to contact members of their beach associations.


b. The report from the Lake Manitoba Flood Review Committee has been finalized but has yet to be sent to the printer.  The Chair of this committee has indicated that the provincial government is waiting on the Flood Task Committee report and would like to release the two reports at the same time.


6. President’s report & Executive members

a. Treasurer’s Report and motion to reimburse executive members for liability insurance.


Jane provided a hard copy of her report.

Account balance and monthly expenses were provided.

Motion to accept treasurer’s report

Jane  / Roger    CARRIED


Cheques should be made out to ALMS and sent to  Jane Hook

Motion that executive members (Cheryl, Roger, Jane, Jane in lieu of Scott, Lia, Don) be reimbursed for the liability insurance ($130.00 each)

Jane / Destiny  CARRIED

b. Report on meeting with the MB Auditor General (August, 2012)

i.   Jane will read notes taken.  Don Clarkson, Randy and Cheryl Smith will add any additional information if need be.

Grant Voakes (Principal)and Maria Nyarkun (Auditor) were present from the province.

Grant and Maria were charged with questioning the value for money with respect to Manitoba Flood programs.

Questioned the formation of ALMS, our Constitution and questioned how well MASC delivered the flood program.  ALMS provided its responses to address most of the scenarios provided by members over the past months.  ALMS reported that it also questioned why and how MASC was chosen to deliver these programs.

Grant and Maria asked quite a few questions about how the program(s) was/were administered.  Maria did send a follow up email to ALMS stating that Anyone can call Grant or Maria directly and are encouraged to do so especially seasonal / non-principal residents.

Grant-204-945-3790         Maria   204-945-3790

Grant.Voakes@oag.mb.ca     Maria.Nyarku@oag.mb.ca

500-33 Portage Avenue

Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3C 0C4


c. Discussion ensued


7. Old Business:

a. Notice of Motion: That a representative of each beach association ask each beach association to contribute funds to ALMS to help with operating costs incurred.


Those present reported from the beach association they represented.  Discussion ensued.

This motion was withdrawn                  Jack


8. New Business:

a. Election for Director Positions (2) as per ALMS constitution.  Nomination Committee:  Don Clarkson Chair, Lia Baksina and Jane Hook.

Cheryl Smith turned over the chair position to Don Clarkson at this time.

Don reported that Scott Greenlay and Roger Gilles agreed to let their names stand for the Director positions.  Don then asked for nominations from the floor.

No nominations presented from the floor.


Motion that Nominations close Gary / Cheryl

Scott and Roger are elected by acclamation


Cheryl Smith returned as Chair at this time.


Cheryl thanked the nominating committee and elected Directors Scott and Roger for their continued commitment to ALMS.


b. At this time, no meeting has occurred between ALMS and the Premier.  The members of ALMS have requested that a letter to the Premier be sent that highlight continued difficulties with the programs offered to flood victims


Motion:  That ALMS executive contact the Premier’s office and the ministers responsible for the Flood 2011 programs requesting a meeting to discuss policies.

Don / Jane     CARRIED


Motion:  That the ALMS Executive contact Barry Todd (D.M. of MAFRI) and Fred Meier (D. M. responsible for Conservation) in order to discuss the difficulties experienced by 2011 flood victims.

Don / Jack    CARRIED


c. ALMS members to communicate with their individual association members and ask them to write about their experiences dealing with the government flood programs.


They are encouraged to e-mail Lia as soon as possible with their scenarios/issues/difficulties as they pertain to their current and present experience in dealing with MASC.  These will be compiled and shared with ALMS executive in order to prepare with future meetings.


9. Correspondence

a.   All correspondence (emails etc) are posted on ALMS website.

Motion to adjourn  9:05 pm:   Jane

Next meeting date:  TBA