ALMS Letter to Premier Calling for Meeting to discuss growing list of Issues

ALMS has written the Premier again today, requesting a meeting to discuss the growing list of issues facing Flood Victims of Lake Manitoba. Since late last year, ALMS has repeatedly requested a meeting to resolve these issues, and has not received a meeting. Many of the issues require the Premier’s involvement as they involve policy and decisions by the government.

Below is the text of our latest request:

Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders

May 28, 2012

Dear Mr. Premier;

The Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders (ALMS) wishes to remind you and your office that May 31st will mark the one-year anniversary of the 2011 flood event affecting the property owners of Lake Manitoba.

The ALMS executive wishes to convey its dissatisfaction in your office’s unwillingness and/or lack of response to meet with the ALMS executive in order to discuss the issues that still affect property owners around the lake.  The people and property owners of Lake Manitoba were sacrificed their homes, security, legacies and in many cases, livelihoods due to your Government’s decision to divert the water from Winnipeg which created this man-made disaster.

Areas affected by the flood continue to deal with hundreds if not thousands of downed trees and debris from destroyed land and buildings. All of this debris is now drying up and creating a sizable fire hazard. The homes and cottages that survived the flood have the potential of not surviving a fire. Further, the marshes are full of residual debris-much of which may be toxic. The long term environmental damage to these very sensitive and important ecosystems may last for generations. To leave a job of this size to the Rural Municipalities is not reasonable. Many, if not all of the Rural Municipalities, are extended beyond their limits and do not have either the resources or manpower to deal with this job. It is ALMS belief that the longer government relies on the Rural Municipalities to complete this leg of the restoration, the more danger the communities are in.  We urge you as Premier to take responsibility and take charge of the clean-up.

Secondly, in our capacity as the ALMS executive, we have conveyed to the Deputy Ministers we have met with that the current programs being used to help people and property owners affected by the flood of 2011 are inequitable, inadequate and confusing for the people trying to access them. During our recent meeting with the Deputy Minister, the ALMS executive tried to convey to Government that it has become evident that the people and communities affected by the flood event need to have policy changes in place in order to become whole again

In closing, the Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders (ALMS) again asks to meet with you and the mandated ministers to discuss the issues referenced in this letter and most importantly a discussion needs to occur regarding the current policy short comings.

As mentioned, the request to meet with you and your mandated Ministers have been formally made on a few recent occasions, ALMS would appreciate at the very least a formal reply to this request so we may advise the membership accordingly.


Cheryl Smith, President

Don Clarkson, Vice-President

Jane Hook, Treasurer

Lia Baksina, Secretary

Scott Greenlay, Director

Roger Gillis, Director

Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders



Draft Minutes of ALMS April 16, 2012 Meeting

Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders




Draft Minutes

April 16 2012 7 P.M.




Jane and Rob Hook              Johnson Beach

Gary Zavoski                   Big Point

Brian And Odile Bray           Manipogo

Ron Vandengosche               Benyk’s Point

John Pshebniski                Benyk’s Point

Randy Smith                    Sandpiper Assoc. R.M. St. Laurent

Cheryl Smith                   Sandpiper Assoc. R.M. St. Laurent

Lia Baksina                    Pioneer Resort

Roger Gillis                   Big Point

Scott Greenlay                 Delta Beach

Tricia Hoare            Sandpiper Association of St. Laurent

Destiny Watt                   Pioneer Resort

Fred Hartmann                  Pioneer Resort

Donna Rudge                    Lundar Beach/Sugar Point

Pat Dunlop                     Lundar Beach/Sugar Point

Diane Dawiskiba                Maple Beach

Woodrow Clark                  Maple Beach

Jeff Simes                     Twin Beaches

Suzanne Tachnak                Deighton Beach

Don Mousseau                   Deighton Beach

Dennis Turek                   Twin Beaches

Jack King                      Twin Beaches

Chris McCann                   Laurentia Beach

Larry Baker                    M.A.C.O


Regrets:  Don Clarkson, Delta Beach


1. Call to Order 7:05 p.m.    Cheryl


2. Introductions of members & area they represent


3. Adoption of the Agenda Pat/Brian       CARRIED


4. Reading/Adoption of ALMS Minutes , January 18, 2012 Move to adopt Lia / Pat                              CARRIED


5. Business arising from the Minutes


5a Contact information  (Jack King) There are still people in different areas that are not receiving information consistently.  They may not be connected to a beach association.  Jack is asking for assistance in helping to disseminate information.  Please approach Jack King if you can help with disseminating information.

Jack has suggested that a writing campaign could be considered by those affected by the flood event.


6. President’s report & Executive members


a. Power Point presentation – report of March 19th 2012 open forum feedback re: Terms of Reference.

b. Discussion:

Do the priorities brought forth at the ALMS October 6th meeting correspond with the outcomes of the March 19th forum?


Cheryl responded that there are some priorities that have been addressed but that there continues to be more work to be done.  We can now move forward in speaking with government after having consulted with our members.


Will ALMS take a stance on what lake levels need to be when it makes its presentations to the provincial government?


Discussion about this took place by people in attendance:

We may need to look at this from a historical point of reference and with the help of experts who can speak to this with authority.


Should the lake be kept artificially low in order to help with beach clean-up?


Motion:  Be it resolved that ALMS request that the operating level of the lake be kept at 811 ASL.          Chris/Tricia




Motion:  Be it resolved that ALMS support a regulated lake level of 809.5 to 811.5 ASL with seasonal draw downs in the Fall to accommodate Spring run-off and to allow lake levels to fluctuate during a 3 – year cycle.  Dennis/Jack



Motion:  Be it resolved that the lake level be regulated and not be allowed to fall below 810.5 and not rise above 812 ASL for a period of time not greater than four months.




Motion: Be it resolved that the lake level be lowered to the low end of the operating range beginning in 2012 and continuing until man-influenced and natural shore-line restoration and clean-up is complete.            Roger/Jack



c. Upcoming meeting with Deputy Ministers Doug McNeil responded and a meeting will take place at 3:30 on April 30th at the Legislature.  The executive of ALMS will be meeting with at least four deputy ministers.

d. A copy of the April 30th agenda was provided to those in attendance. It has been posted on the ALMS website.


7. New Business:


a. Results of March 19th meeting-Next Steps-ALMS was invited to present formally at Regulation and Review Committee for Lake St. Martin and Lake Manitoba.


ALMS (Scott Greenlay) will approach Scott Forbes for support in order to prepare for this formal report at the Regulation and Review Committee for Lake St. Martin and Lake Manitoba.


b. Report from Larry Baker:


Hydro Rebate-Contact Bryce Makinson (768-2131) at Hydro in order to confirm that you are on the list for rebate consideration.


c. Flood Recovery Team – The provincial team leader for the Flood recovery team – Darlene Oshanski 945-3901.


d. Disaster Financial Assistance– Don Forfar (DFA committee member) has advocated for DFA in Ottawa as part of the committee is part of.  Larry requested that 11 municipalities forward a similar resolution supporting a DFA for seasonal cottagers to their MP’s.


e. Pollution at the Portage Diversion-Pollution from the Assiniboine River reaches Lake Manitoba after flowing over nutrient-rich land.


f. Strategies LMFRC-Is working toward regulation of lake levels, a second emergency channel from Lake Manitoba to Lake St. Martin and regulation of the Portage Diversion.


g. Loss of Assessments– The province is not going to compensate R.M.’s for loss of revenue.


h. Decrease assessment value cottages– Larry has received written correspondence regarding the compensation he will receive for his cottage.  He will not receive for lost assessment.  He shares this as information for ALMS members.


i. First Nations Lawsuit-a $950 million lawsuit has been filed by First Nations.  Included in this lawsuit is incorrect operation of the Shellmouth Dam, the Fairford and Portage Diversions-these structures were operating over-capacity during the flood event of 2011.


Larry has contacted Troniak Law Firm to get some more information about representing cottage owners.  The firm is willing to meet with cottage owners and make a personal decision as to whether they would like to join the class action.  Larry will forward more information regarding this as he receives it.


Discussion: A suggestion that Larry approach Troniak to think about hosting an informational meeting for those affected by the flood event. ALMS could help in posting the information for people to access and make a decision as to whether they would like to attend such an event.


8. Correspondence

a. All correspondence (emails etc) are posted on ALMS website.

b. Contact list: (email address not disclosed on website due to spam concerns)is available.  Send an e-mail to this link in order to make sure that you are on the list.


9. Next meeting date: TBA after meeting with the ministers on April 30th


  1. Adjournment:  9:12                   Diane


  1. Executive Meeting immediately after regular meeting.






























ALMS Executive Meeting – April 16th


Call to order:  9:30

PRESENT:  Jane Hook, Roger Gillis, Cheryl Smith, Scott Greenlay, Lia Baksina


1. Liability insurance

a. Jane distributed an application for liability insurance and asked for information from the Executive in order to complete it properly.

b. There are a variety of ways to pay for the amount of the insurance ($600.00) Roger has suggested that we ask Associations to pay towards a membership to ALMS

c. Cheryl has suggested that we put this on our next ALMS agenda.


MOTION: Be it resolved that we immediately invoice each association for their equitable share toward the estimated cost of purchasing Directors & Officers liability.  Scott/Jane




2. Income revenue

We have received our first payment for fee for service from MASC for $450.00 for using our website for communication purposes.  Jane has researched several banking institutions to set up a bank account.


MOTION:  Be it resolved that a bank account be set up at Steinbach Credit Union at 2100 McGillivray Blvd.





3. Banking signatures will be Cheryl Smith (President) Jane Hook (Treasurer) and Lia (Secretary)


MOTION:  Be it resolved that the President (Cheryl Smith), Treasurer (Jane Hook), and Secretary (Lia Baksina) be authorized as signatories for the Association of Lake Manitoba and further that any drafts against said account require a minimum of two signatures of above stated directors.




4. Meeting with the Deputy Minister- Cheryl will submit all of our names to the legislature as attendees to the ministers meeting.