Historic Lake Manitoba levels

FYI. The following graph was provided to ALMS members at last night’s meeting. It was obtained from the Lake Manitoba Stewardship Board website.



Agenda for upcoming meeting with Province

ALMS will be meeting with the Doug McNeill Deputy Minister of MIT with the Province of Manitoba. A draft agenda has been developed and will be refined by the ALMS representatives at their next meeting. However here is a copy of the proposed agenda:


1. Lake Manitoba Levels – ALMS continue to be focused on the absolute priority which the Premier agreed to undertake in June.

b. Manitoba needs to guarantee property owners surrounding Lake Manitoba that it will build up its infrastructure according to the recommendations received by the two committees set up.
c. Many property owners want Lake Manitoba legislated re: lake levels and what the province can do in a flood year re: using the water control systems etc.
d. “Vanity Spills” – need to discuss this policy which Manitoba has been using re: portage diversion.

2. Compensation Programs – is there a will to change some of the program guidelines to better serve the affected property homeowners? Need government’s formal reply on the following:

a. Buy-Outs – for those who choose not to rebuild or repair (especially due to age and/or income)
b. Removal of 14% deductible on MWS program
c. 10% holdback from MASC program re: repairs to home
d. Cottage owners and level of compensation, will this be revised or reviewed?
e. Engineering costs under MWS program, $2,000 not realistic to actual costs for this service.
f. 3-4 months wait for reimbursements from MASC; discrepancies not explained on cheque stubs etc.
g. Pre-flood values, fair market price for compensation, will this be taken into consideration?

3. Temporary dikes, apparently property owners cannot move forward with MWS program until these dykes are removed? Is there a timelines associated with removing these along with the geo-tubes? Who is the lead on this and who is responsible to get it done?

4. Environmental Issues: water quality issues & clean up again responsibility/lead? Timelines?

5. Federal Government’s involvement in compensation for the broader definition of DFA to include all property owners. Any response from Federal government on this issue?

6. West Side of Lake Manitoba – ongoing issues with Manitoba Waterstewardship program and compensation programs. Not getting responses in a timely fashion and appear to be placed on the back burner, not getting the attention they need.

a. Recommended Lake level varies from south shore.
b. Some communities/sites still have not been seen by MWS or MASC such as Jantees; Hills Beach south; Waterhen; Silver Ridge; Bacon Ridge.
c. Flood elevation for construction (benchmarks)
d. Beach Restoration
e. Road access
f. Hydro

7. Property Taxes – is Manitoba assisting affected property homeowners for future years? RMs are they being assisted in any way with their tax base issue and budgets? Rental Properties?