Draft Minutes from September 7th Meeting

 Meeting called to order at 7:30 by Cheryl

Letter to be written to st johns ambulance director thanking for venue. Address coming from rob hook

Additions to agenda
notes from rilla
Correspondence from PC meeting

Agenda Moved by Doug connery seconded by Wayne devlin

Reading of minutes from aug 16
Moved by don clarkson second by rob hook

Minutes of special meeting of aug 24
Moved by box cox second by bruce bushel

Review of alms constitution
Proposed constitution presented by Randy
Sets out our names and objective from first meeting
Second obj added and room for more
Who can qualify for membership
No dues
Outline executive board
Need election of officers probably at next meeting
2 year office for pres vp and sec, 1 year for directors
Outline an agm
States how you will have your meetings
Board will do necessary business between meetings

Pretty basic constitution.
Randy moves that the constution be adopted as presented, seconded by don clarkson

Discussion followed
Motion to table by Doug, seconded by bob cox to send back to drafting the committee and have organizations go to their executives to ensure they can committ

Email suggestions to drafting committee
Randy, rob hook, Scott and doug

Other business
1. There was a focus exercise done at aug 24 meeting
Dennis turek to make information available to alms group
We have not met our objective of ensuring that the lake levels come down and can be maintained properly
We do not have a commitment in place from any political party that, if elected, they will do any action regarding lake levels.

2. Report from deputy minister from Cheryl
Steve topping said there is a pre channel dug down the middle to drain the land for the full size channel
Sigurdson says land is in better shape for work than expected
A camp is being an established for workers

motion to send letter to ndp and liberals asking for a meeting or response to questions pat Dunlop seconded by Randy

Motion to send brainstorming information from sept 7 and prior meetings to group for a vote on our priorities at next meeting
Moved by Chris McCann seconded by don clarkson

6. Table the answers from pc’s

7. next regular meeting oct 6 (tentative depending on location availability)
Next special meeting based on responses from
Email to Steve topping asking for the lake levels to be updated and weekly channelstatus reports

Motion to adjourn by Lorne and seconded by pat Dunlop