Foundation of the Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders

The Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders was founded on June 18th, 2011 as a direct result of the severe man-made flooding of Lake Manitoba in the Spring and Summer of 2011.

Lake Manitoba is surrounded by over 2,000 homes, and number of communities, agriculture lands, commercial fisheries, and world renown wildlife habitat.  Lake Manitoba is Canada’s thirteenth largest lake(4,624 km2) and the world’s 33rd largest freshwater lake.

This website is a communications hub for sharing information about the association with the concerned stakeholders and general public.

21 thoughts on “Foundation of the Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders

  1. The change in MASC representatives has been frustrating – keep having to tell our story over and over again.

    Our cottage at Benyk’s Point on Lake Manitoba is completely ruined and will have to be torn down and rebuilt. My parents are too old to do this so we want to know if the government will buy the cottage and land so we can move on.

    Thanks, Susan Helfmeyer


  2. Pls advise how we may join this association. We are the only cottage owners in the RM Of Eriksdale in a private development. We have also lost our cabin and are feeling isolated. Pls advise. tx


  3. I find the fact that permanent residents are entitled to a maximum of $270,000 on structural damage while non-residents only receive a maximum of $90,000 discrimatory. I do not understand the logic as we are all paying taxes at proportionate levels.

    Will the non resident’s taxes now only be based on a maximum of $90,000 for our structures versus the real cost?

    I would appreciate an explanation from our Premier well in advance of the election in October.


    • I totally agree. I spend time at my cabin 4 seasons and pay taxes all year. Damages should be according to how much damage was done not according to how much time is spent on property. I don’t see the province suggesting we NOT pay school taxes since they seem to think we aren’t there other than during summer months.
      When a person owns two vehicles, the value of the vehicle less driven doesn’t somehow get reduced to 33% of fair market value.
      Yes, permanent residents require alternative accomidations, That’s understood. It’s also compensated for separately and not a part of the equation. The fact that we have a separate residence and require no extra assitance should be a bonus for the province.
      This being said, depending on the stipulations on rebuilding, I should be covered with $90,000.00. So I’m not even speaking for myself, but for others with more valuable properties. There are/were some incredible structures along the lake.


  4. Hello, I have a concern with D Terek sugesting Val Johnson as an appraiser for home and cottage owners of Twin Lake Beach Venice Rd. South & north,without presenting this to the assn. first and maybe putting this out for a tender or bid? how does this show solidarity as a group? Who is working with Ms. Johnson to complete these appraisals? And if time is a factor Why would we wait 6-8 weeks for results?


  5. Any further update available regarding what other groups or associations have expressed interest in participating in this stakeholders association aside from initial report?

    Dave S


  6. Dennis Turek, Chair of Twin Beach Flood Action committee:

    Thanks, Scott for getting this site up and running. Our committee got Legal Advice that I will share on June 27th. Clearly, his message was negotiation gets a better result than suing. He stressed the need for a Large Unified Voice. This provides more leverage than individuals or small groups. He and his firm represented 22 families that were flooded in 1997 as a direct result of the Winnipeg Floodway Operation. They lived south of the Gates.
    He stated that the result was favourable to the plaintiffs. Hope we can make our stakeholders group even larger.


  7. On the website for Winnipeg, there’s a poll asking the question of whether the government is doing enough to lower the level of Lake MB. 52% have voted yes so far, 48% voted no. Please go there and vote.


  8. I would also like to add that the provinces study on how to lower the lake has been done already. The survey was completed in the 70’s and machines were ready to start work on a channel from Lake St Martin to Lake Winnipeg. This channel would be 5 miles long. The work was stopped due to protests from the locals (who obviously now support it). We also have the Red River Floodway that is empty and could lower the Red allowing an increased flow from the Assiniboine. That would make the decision to close that Portage Diversion an easier one.

    I am glad to see this organization and expect your numbers to grow substancially as people hear about you. I am passing this site on.

    Thanks for everyone who has organized this.


  9. Dan Erickson
    Well done, My parents are Carl and Linda Erickson of Lundar Beach, their retirement home has been features many time on the news and has been as risk since May 1. I have been tracking the lake levels based on the GOM Daily Reports including all the missed forcasts. I paints a graphic picture of the issues. Who can I email this to.


  10. .How long will it take the province to realize that all the big lakes in Mb. are flooding ? That these lakes all flow into each other ? And that the outflow is the Nelson river? Mb. Hydro is supposed to regulate the level of Lake Wpg. The province receives $ for water rental . This is for the water that Hydro backs up into Lake Wpg. Th…ey seem to disregard the 1st Nations communities, cottage owners, farmers, etc. for the sake of the almighty $. The Nelson River drainage basin is HUGE ! It extends from Well into Albeta, south to South Dakota and East to almost the Great Lakes ! Let the water FLOW !!! Farmland is like a sponge. It won’t hold more water, it’s saturated. Farmland won’t dry up till the lakes it drains into drop substantially. We should be pressuring Mb. Hydro to pull the plug and Drain the tub !!!! Support the Farmers, Support the Cottagers, Support Mb Business…..Not just Hydro !


  11. Congrats. We need to apply pressure with a consist clear message and this seems to do the trick. I would suggest that this letter be sent as an open letter to the editor of the Free Press and Winnipeg Sun as well. It might be an idea to bring the Feds into play by sending it to them as well given the involvement of First Nations along the lake.
    Jack King
    Twin Beaches North


  12. Sandpiper Association of St. Laurent is proud to be a member of the Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders (ALMS), the new force in the flood fight. The ALMS letter to the Premier was read at the St. Laurent Open House last night and was well-received with audience applause and several comments how good it was. It’s message of “Lower the Lake Now and Save our Homes” is everyone’s most pressing concern. The ALMS letter has gone to the Premier, Ministers Ashton, Struthers and Melnick, Hugh McFadyen, Jon Gerrard, Ralph Eichler and the Reeves of the RMs affected impressing upon all the need for quick action.


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