Draft Minutes from ALMS meeting of June 27th

Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders (ALMS)

Monday June 27th, 2011 AGENDA

7:30 p.m.

Blue and Gold Room, CanadInn Stadium

  1. 1.       Call to order by Co-Chairs Lawrence Heise and Cheryl Smith
7:35 p.m.
  1. 2.       Thank-you:
From Lawrence on behalf of the Association to Dennis Turek for our meeting location
  1. 3.       Introductions:
All present introduced themselves and the Association or group they represented.


Grace Stevens

(Willow Bay)

Robert Senecal


Lorne Britton


Rilla Britton


Bruce Buschau

(Twin Beach)

Dennis Turek

(Twin Beach)

Jeff Kovalik-Plouffe

(Rep. for Dr. Jon Girouard)

Rital Chahal

(G.M. Chamber of Commerce)

Lorne Floyd

(Manitoba Chamber of Commerce)

Rick Byquist

(Johnson Beach)

DeeDee Armstrong


Leann Thompson


Don Clarkson

(Delta Beach Assoc.)

Scott Greenlay

(Delta Beach Assoc.)

Doug Connery

(Delta Beach Assoc.)

Cheryl Smith


Lia Baksina

Recording Secretary

Lawrence Heise


Chris McCann

(Laurentia Beach)

Wayne Devlin

(Laurentia Beach)

Brian & Odile Bray


Tricia Hoare



Of note:

Rital Chahal General Manager of the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce.

Lorne Floyd President of Arborg & District Chamber of Commerce

Jeff Kovalik-Plouffe representing the Honourable Dr. Jon Girouard, MLA for River Heights and Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party

  1. 4.       Reading of June 18th (inaugural meeting of ALMS) 2011 minutes-read by Cheryl
  • Additions or Deletions:
  -The original Motion to appoint Cheryl Smith as co-chair was not added to the minutes. 

Randy/Rob                         CARRIED


  – list of attendees was not attached as indicated in the minutes.  It was sent by e–mail.  The new list will be attached to the next minutes.


  – Minutes should also read that September 1st is the date to register for compensation
  • Motion to adopt the minutes as amended
-Scott/Doug                                                     CARRIED


  1. 5.       Business arising from the minutes:
  • The sub-committee wrote the letter as requested at the June 18th meeting.
  • Meeting of June 19th, presentation of ALMS letter in St. Laurent with Minister Struthers present.


-There were about 400 people in attendance. There were many questions about compensation and stories shared.  People asked about water levels and what government was prepared to do about them.

-Cheryl did meet with Minister Struthers after this meeting so that she could set up some time to speak with him and or the Premier

  1. 6.       Meeting with Premier June 24th, 2011 results/update

              11:00 A.M. room 208 with the Premier


– Cheryl reported that the Premier,  and four deputy ministers were present.

  – Cheryl felt there was good representation  from government
  – Premier met for one hour and spoke about the KGS engineer reports, re: channel and the Fairford Dam.

– KGS has provided information about possibilities and associated costs

  – The gov’t timeline – 6 months to a year in the short term.  Further North, there are First Nations communities that need to be consulted (Norway House is one example)
  – Lake Winnipeg water levels are also high
  – government will make a decision this summer re: building a water control structure flowing into Lake Winnipeg.
  – Specifically, as soon decisions are made, (Water Stewardship) action will take place within 6 months to build a water control system (WCS)

– The channel will be a WCS such as the case at Fairford.  It will not simply be a channel.  The WCS should be in place for Spring 2012.

  – Cheryl reported that gov’t indicated that as of Aug. 1st, new water levels in favourable conditions would be 817.75. Without favourable conditions, the levels will be 818.1.  In the community of Siglunes, new numbers for water level numbers were reported today that dispute these numbers.
  -the Premier reported that where there is no hope for saving the homes or property, buyouts will be offered.
  – The Premier did state that one of the reasons Province declared state of emergency/disaster for opening up the Hoop and Holler bend was because there were more R.M.’s involved.
  – Doug Norquay stated that the province  provides resources to the R.M.s affected when needed (engineers etc.) but the ultimate decisions on flood mitigation etc  are made at the R.M. level
  – The Federal government is at the table (50/50) and is aware of issues regarding compensation.  Province still working on getting federal government’s confirmation re: compensation for cottage owners.


-Federal and provincial policies will need to be changed in order to address new compensation package.

  – Cottages and permanent homes will be dealt with differently.  Owners need to access the different programs for filing for compensation.
  – Ron Bell has been appointed by the province as the Flood 2011 Building and Recovery Action Plan appeals commissioner.
  – The Premier did say he is constantly meeting with representatives of the R.M.’s
  -There will be different amount of compensation to people who apply depending on what programs they qualify for etc.
  – Short and long term solutions were provided to the Premier by Doug Connery.  Also discussed was the fact that current government policies do not address this disaster.  The Premier did ask Doug to continue to work with the province in investigating these policies.
  – Questions about Capital Gains were asked and the allowances paid to evacuees.  The Premier responded that these were good questions.The Premier did indicate that he would hope people would not be taxed for these expenses.  He feels these are compensary measures but it would be necessary to discuss and investigate this further.
  – The Premier did indicate that his door is always open.  He thanked the committee for the letter and he was happy that the group was formed.  He would welcome another letter and/or more questions.
-There was discussion and questions asked by those present.
-Representatives from the different beach associations will ask at their next meetings for information from the R.M. about when the province first notified the R.M. about flooding and the nature of the information.  Bob Hayden indicated he was attending a meeting this week and would report back.
-Information was also shared that residents have heard that there is a possibility that mobile homes and/or more permanent structures may be provided in the future.  Cheryl indicated that people should ask their council for specific information.
  1. 7.       Review other priorities ALMS discussed as outlined in Minutes, do any or all require action?
  1. 8.       New Business:
  • Letterhead for ALMS
– Letterhead for ALMS-15th century tapestry logo. 

Cheryl showed the prototype to those present.

MOTION:  That the font be larger for Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders and the tapestry be used as the official logo for the group                                                Dennis/Rob                 CARRIED






  • Nominate and elect recording secretary
MOTION:    That Lia Baksina be nominated to be recording secretary                                                 

                                                                                                              Bob /ScotT                                     CARRIED

  • MACO
  – Their group representing farmers and Ag. Growers have asked that lake levels and drainage systems be put in place immediately.
  – A construction contractor from the area affected has proposed mitigating the overland flooding.  Drainage could be forced into the river system into Lake Winnipegosis.  These would be short-term solutions. 
  – MACO meets regularly with government.  Larry Baker provided hard copies of prior letters and other correspondence sent to government officials for those in attendance to peruse.
  1. 9.       Membership to ALMS:
– Dennis suggested that this be looked into for the future.  This is only our second meeting.
  – Dennis also indicated that there are some groups who have not joined this group.  Cheryl has also reached out to other people and has found that “word of mouth” is working well and people should be directed to the web site.


  1. 10.   On-going Media releases:
  – Dennis Turket indicated that there are some groups who have not joined this group. 
  – Doug Connery suggested that we continue to keep the issues of ALMS in the media and Don agreed to contact writers at the Winnipeg Free Press who have been sympathetic to our plight in the past.
  1. 11.   Sub-drafting Committee:
Motion:  That a letter of thanks be sent to the Premier and those present at the June 24th meeting. That the letter reviews what was discussed at the meeting and continue to ask for a shorter turn around time re: decision and building of the water control structure.  Also, reiterate reality of what people are living and how high water levels will affect ice pile ups during the spring may also be devastating.            Don/Bob        CARRIED
  • Points to consider:
– We need to ask about water levels and their affect over the winter.
  – Why weren’t First Nations consulted prior to releasing so much water into Lake Manitoba as it also affected up to 5 First Nation communities.
  – We need to keep asking about compensation.
  – We would like a state of emergency declared
Doug, Scott will draft the letter on behalf of this association with Cheryl’s input.
  1. 12.   NEXT MEETING:  TBA
  1. 13.   Adjournment:
-9:31 p.m.




Respectfully submitted by:

Lia Baksina

Recording Secretary

June 27th, 2011

  -Dennis Turek presented information to the group from the Twin Lake Beach Flood Action Committee and distributed this communiqué (#2) to those present.  In this communiqué were ideas about how to keep the Lake Manitoba issues and disaster on the media’s radar.
  – Chris McCann suggested that media should be contacted through a release.
MOTION:  That Scott draft a press release announcing the existence and purpose of this organization.  Those affected by the flood will be invited to send representatives to join this group. Contact information will also be provided in the release.

                                                                                                                                                     Dennis/Don          CARRIED

  1. 14.   Correspondence:
  • Joanna, a former resident of Laurentia Beach.  She has a blog  and has indicated that she would like to donate and help organize donations
MOTION:  That Cheryl contact Joanna to thank her but to ask her to direct any donations to the Red Cross.                                                                                                 Scott/Chris             CARRIED
  • Delta Beach Association Minutes presented by Doug re: Meeting with MAFRI
  – Doug reported that their meeting provided the vehicle for a good discussion between those concerned and government officials
  -a hard copy of minutes was provided to those present
  – Lorne Floyd thanked the group for inviting them to the meeting and requested that they be kept informed in the case they could provide support.

-He also introduced Rital Chachal.

  1. 15.    

Premier met with Chairs

Pleased to report Co-Chairs of the Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders met with Premier today. More details will come, but pressing issues of lowering lake and compensation programs were discussed.

Notes from our recollection of the meeting can be found here:


Building a channel possible

Laura Lowe from CTV interviewed the Reeve of the RM of Coldwell on Wednesday June 22, 2011.

This clip can be seen on the CTV News Winnipeg site and is entitled “Rising water Levels along Lake Manitoba’s east side”

In this clip Lundar Beach/Sugar Point Reeve Brian Sigfusson stated that he has the resources to build a canal to Lake Winnipeg. This would help to take the water down. Through his construction company, this canal could be built in less than a month.

The government will not approve this as they want to do further studies. Brian Sigfusson points out in this clip that the government did not need environmental studies to build Hoop and Holler.

— submitted by Carolyn McFerran

Foundation of the Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders

The Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders was founded on June 18th, 2011 as a direct result of the severe man-made flooding of Lake Manitoba in the Spring and Summer of 2011.

Lake Manitoba is surrounded by over 2,000 homes, and number of communities, agriculture lands, commercial fisheries, and world renown wildlife habitat.  Lake Manitoba is Canada’s thirteenth largest lake(4,624 km2) and the world’s 33rd largest freshwater lake.

This website is a communications hub for sharing information about the association with the concerned stakeholders and general public.